Home Improvement: Prepare Your House for the Summer

Home Improvement: Prepare Your House for the Summer

When the summer season arrives, the weather will feel hotter, and the air will be so dry. Mostly in large cities, many people then decided to buy an air conditioner (AC) to make the room feel cool and comfortable.

Well, the next risk that must be faced is the exploding electricity bills. Indeed, there are many circulating air conditioners with low voltage out there. If you can reduce the electricity consumption while saving the budget, then why not?

Now you are probably asking, is there an alternative way to make the room feel cool? Well, here are 4 tips to cool the room without air conditioning that you can try.

Home Improvement: Prepare Your House for the Summer

1. Choose the right colour paint

Maybe you forget to realise, that the choice of paint for your room can actually give a particular effect. If you choose a dark colour paint for your room, well, of course, your room will be felt more cramped.

Therefore, choose a colour that can brighten the room. Pastel colours like light blue, light green or any other soft colours can bring a cool sensation to the person in the room.

2. Note the Air Circulation

Of course, air circulation has a crucial role to create a cooler atmosphere to the room. For rooms that are not equipped with air conditioning, ventilation becomes necessary. In the absence of adequate ventilation, there will be no air circulation in the room with the air from the outside.

If you want to create a vent, create a cross vent. You should place the vents in opposite directions. This allows the air to flow from the inside out or vice versa smoothly, without having to linger in the room. But if you are not allowed to make ventilation, at least install an exhaust fan.

3. Do not put many items in the room

The room that filled with too much stuff; besides it will make your room looks crowded; it can also make the room feel less comfortable. The more stuff is being placed in the room; the more dust can be accumulated. If these items are not being used very often, or are not important, place them somewhere else.

4. Proper window placement

With the windows in the room, it can also be a way to let the sunlight enters freely. If you are currently building construction, consider not putting the glass in sunrise position. As the sun rises, you can feel the heat of the room immediately.

You can use a thick curtain to block the incoming sunlight. And when it is not too hot, let the window open, and the wind comes in.

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